BY FENDER Free Shipping SQUIER Cyclone atgvhz1452-Electric Guitars

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SQUIER BY FENDER Cyclone Free Shipping

BY FENDER Free Shipping SQUIER Cyclone atgvhz1452-Electric Guitars

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BY FENDER Free Shipping SQUIER Cyclone atgvhz1452-Electric Guitars

There’s nothing worse than spending 40+ hours a week at a job that bores you.Les Paul LP Mary Ford Armrest Vintage Gibson Guitar Project ES295 W Hardware NEW No career is exciting every single day, but if you’ve mastered your job and no longer feel challenged at work, it’s time to look for something different. Rather than browsing job listings...

Is your career affecting your relationship?How to handle a career crisis at home

Take Toni…Toni just lost the promotion she has been working tirelessly for all year. Sandra knows, because just like everyone in the office, she received the email announcing Daevon’s new title.Mooer Audio L6 Pedal Controller The title she had been after for all this time…Although it was only 3pm,...

I recently attended a women’s empowerment conference in one of the nearby universities, and one of the questions raised by a young student was:Savannah STB-700F-VS Lightning Mini Electric Bass, Fretless “Should I pick the career with great perks or the career that's a best fit?” This is a question most working women and...

I’m a recovering overachiever, I admit it. Like many other working women and working moms, I suffer from the “I want to do it all” syndrome. Boot-Leg DMR-1.0 Dr.Mid Rich Guitar EffectsMy to-do lists are gigantic, filled with unending items from the smallest and most mundane, to the most elaborate tasks. From...

How do I get there: 7 Principles to work and live on Purpose

BY FENDER Free Shipping SQUIER Cyclone atgvhz1452-Electric Guitars

There’s a lot of talk out there about Purpose, how we can walk in our purpose, do things according to our own purpose, be more purposeful, etc…While much of it is so inspiring, many of us also find ourselves asking: “But…what is my purpose? How do I figure it out? And...

Faith and religion are some of the few topics that are considered taboo at work, along with politics. In general, we simply avoid talking about faith at work. In most, if not many instances, we also don’t see how faith can integrated with our work, or how it could...Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin Hollowbody w P-90's CgncBrst

YOU ARE NOT YOUR JOB: How not to let your career define you

Have you ever introduced yourself by saying something along the lines of “I’m a doctor”, or “I’m a professor”, or whatever your profession may be?Kluson Vintage 6 in gold oval button tuners Lefty fit Fender Strat SD9105MGR Is your job title one of the first things you utter when introducing yourself? Do you have a hard time talking about...

BY FENDER Free Shipping SQUIER Cyclone atgvhz1452-Electric Guitars

As busy working moms, we are often our worst critics. In addition to the weight we already carry as caretakers and caregivers, we have to add to it the responsibilities that come with careers and businesses.Fender Japan TL69 PRD Used All of this often translates into negative self-talk, or...

In this episode of The Corporate Sister podcast, I’m discussing the one thing that drives me day in and day out, and that is working and living on Purpose.Coppersound Pedal Effects Loma Prieta Gritty Harnonic Tremolo Pedal Or more specifically, the 7-step framework I've been going by to find and stay on purpose in all areas of my...

Suhr V60LP Low Peak Vintage 60's Single Coil Parchment Strat Set (3 STRING SETS)
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